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The U.S. Economy and the Recreational Vehicle

government shutdownWhen times are good, you tend to see RVs everywhere – on the road, in driveways etc. That is because people are retiring and wanting to experience their golden years traveling the country’s roads in the Americana comfort of a recreational vehicle. When times are good, many Americans aren’t shackled to long hours at jobs they don’t necessarily like, so they have time to fulfill that explorer urge and rediscover the country. China is experiencing such a situation.

We’ll admit it – the American economy hasn’t been the greatest, far from it, but the country seems poised for a turnaround, as indicated by this New York Times article, which may mean a resurgence in RVs. Nelson D. Schwartz writes, “Bolstered by inventory investments and a narrowing trade deficit, the American economy grew more quickly than had been expected in the third quarter.” This is good news for the country as a whole. There is reason for optimism, as this growth came as a surprise.

While inventories rose quickly, financial analysts remain cautious and expect that the government shutdown (from Oct. 1 to Oct. 17) will have a negative effect on numbers going forward. Regardless of future numbers, Americans should feel optimistic. The housing sector, for example, had nice gains in the third quarter. The thing about economic predictions is that they change on a daily basis, so it’s hard to have a grip on them. With that said, any growth is good growth. The more Americans are comfortable with their finances and job situations, the more likely they are to relax. In a culture of relaxation and growth, the recreational vehicle is king.

The Prevost Community is a strong one. It’ll take more than a fluctuating economy to knock it off its feet. As evidenced by the Prevost Community Annual Rally KOA in Branson, MO, the community is growing at a great rate. More Prevost events are being planned for the future, so keep in touch with the Panterra website and remember – we will buy your RV, paying top dollar for all Prevost Conversions.