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Seniors and Recreational Vehicles

Motor homes and coaches are always advertised as containing all of the comforts of modern life that a vehicle can hold. Although these recreational vehicles are touted as a home away from home, most families typically use them for vacations or as a quick getaway rather than their actual residence.

However, many people have been creating a new trend in RV living, one that truly buys into the idea of a recreational vehicle as a motor home. As this article published by Forbes reports, many senior citizens have been purchasing RVs and driving them around the country, using the vehicles more as permanent homes on a perpetually traveling vacation.

Those seniors who have trying to spend their retirements on the road agree that the lifestyle isn’t for everyone. Living in a small space isn’t so hard, especially with the freedom of the open road and trailer parks to enjoy all over the country. Of course, the nature of being constantly on-the-move is trying for some.

Seniors who’ve enjoyed their time on the road have found that the downsizing of their own lives has been a blessing in disguise. One couple quoted in the above story was forced to get rid of belongings because they left a 4,000 square foot home to live in a 300 square foot RV. They, however, found this to be a very freeing experience when looking back on their decision. Although some retirees do rent a storage unit to hold precious valuables that they either can’t part with or bring along.

The biggest problem with this lifestyle is often figuring out where to head next. Some online services, such as, exist to provide full-time motor home owners with forums to discuss various RV parks and travel plans with others from across the country. This online aspect to RV living adds an important social dimension to a life that can sometimes seem isolated.

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