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Regional Sales of Recreational Vehicles

When you’re looking for an idea of what futuristic living looks like in our society, most people need look no further than the latest models of recreational vehicle to hit the market. These floating homes showcase the perfect balance between a small residential space and all of the home amenities one could ask for, and then some.

It’s interesting to consider, when talking a walk through one of these modernistic marvels, that the history of the recreational vehicle and mobile home began a long time ago, during some of the earliest days of the American automobile industry. Evidence of RVs on American roads extends as far back as 1923, according to this piece published by The Tampa Tribune.

The image of the 1920s house trailer depicted in the article’s main picture shows how rudimentary the idea of this mobile home was. Constructed on top of what was likely a truck chassis for the Ford Model TT, the primitive RV shows a very boxy design with curtained windows. It easy to see the quality of the materials going into this product, however, with its exquisite exterior paneling and window molding.

Compared to one of the behemoth traveling homes available today, these early mobile homes were maybe a quarter of their size. Gleaming with waxed exteriors and using modern suspension systems, the RVs of today offer a much smoother and more comfortable ride than the models of years past.

American road tripThere are more than 9 million Americans who currently enjoy the status and experience of being the owner of a recreational vehicle. The encouraging thing is that this number has been rising quickly in recent years. Since 2001, RV sales have increased by about 16 percent across the country. That rise is even more dramatic if one goes back to 1980; since then, the number of RVs in America has improved by 64 percent.

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