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The R.V. is a Symbol of Freedom

Freedom DogAs of this writing, the government shutdown is still in effect. Regardless of its duration, the shutdown has had a disastrous effect on the American psyche. For many Americans, faith in the system – political leaders, lawmakers, the rhetoric etc. – is at an all-time low, with some even doubting the entire democratic process as well as freedom itself. In times of democratic duress, we should always turn to those timeless symbols of the American Dream as means of coping. The R.V. is something you CAN depend on.  

The R.V. has long been a symbol of freedom. Chances are that when you think of the open road, the smell of the American West or the way the sun can cradle a National Park, you will inevitably think of the recreational vehicle. It is freedom, friends, family and fun all rolled into one. In a way, it is the American vehicle and represents the possibility of this great land. Now it seems that the R.V., as both vehicle and symbol, is catching on in other countries around the world, such as China.


In the article, “Chinese Embracing the Perceived Freedom of R.V.’s,” Andrew Jacobs of the Sinosphere (the China blog of the New York Times) writes,

Distributors of European- and American-made campers say their products are selling out as soon as they hit the showroom floor. In August, at the third annual R.V. exhibition in Beijing, more than 500 vehicles were purchased during the four-day event, with an average sale price 300,000 renminibi, or $50,000. Industry analysts predict that sales will reach 800,000 within a decade.

We can confidently say that the Chinese R.V. market is booming. The Chinese are in love with the R.V. and those truly obsessed snatch up any product they can get their hands on. For them, the R.V. represents freedom and dreams, just like it did for Americans in the 50s and 60s. These men and women use the R.V. as a means to get out of cramped cities like Beijing; rumbling along some highway in an R.V., away from the crowded hustle and bustle, young Chinese professionals can de-stress and relax their minds a bit. As China grows, it stands within reason that the R.V. industry will grow alongside it. Although at the present time, it does not seem like there are any Prevost in China.


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*Image courtesy of Javier Brosch