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Welcome to Panterra Luxury Coaches!

At Panterra Luxury Coach we specialize in the buying and selling of luxury motor homes. We deal mainly in Prevost and Newell coaches. We buy and refurbish these beautiful coaches before putting them back on the market for sale. This includes engine and gen service, air-conditioning, aqua hot as well as carpeting, hard surface flooring, window treatments, upholstery and much more. We make all necessary repairs to the coach so when it goes back on the market all systems are in working order.

Panterra Luxury Coach uses the finest materials to convert their coaches into deluxe RVs. We are also a major source of affordable Prevost and Newell coaches in the U.S. and Canada.


The U.S. Economy and the Recreational Vehicle

When times are good, you tend to see RVs everywhere – on the road, in driveways etc. That is because people are retiring and wanting to experience their golden years traveling the country’s roads in the Americana comfort of a recreational vehicle. When times are good, many Americans aren’t shackled to long hours at jobs they don’t necessarily like, so they have time to fulfill that explorer urge and rediscover the country. China is experiencing such a situation. We’ll admit it – the American economy hasn’t been the greatest, far from it, but the country seems poised for a turnaround, as indicated by this New York Times article, which...

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The R.V. is a Symbol of Freedom

As of this writing, the government shutdown is still in effect. Regardless of its duration, the shutdown has had a disastrous effect on the American psyche. For many Americans, faith in the system – political leaders, lawmakers, the rhetoric etc. – is at an all-time low, with some even doubting the entire democratic process as well as freedom itself. In times of democratic duress, we should always turn to those timeless symbols of the American Dream as means of coping. The R.V. is something you CAN depend on.   The R.V. has long been a symbol of freedom. Chances are that when you think of the open road, the...

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