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Never Count Out the RV Industry – Never, Ever!

18748483_SIn our last post, we discussed the surging RV industry, how it is exceeding expectations. But it is doing more than just simply ‘exceeding expectations’; it is reassembling lives, putting them back together. Although the recreational vehicle industry is a billion dollar industry, it has been, like everything and everyone else in the country affected by a sluggish, near-dead economy. Many RV companies were at risk of going under, companies like Tom Stinnett RV of Clarksville.

In Stinnett’s words, “It was no secret, we struggled. We were even going to sell our building over there. But things have a way of working out.” It seems to be a case of ‘it’s always darkest before the dawn’, but Tom Stinnett RV was not a unique situation; many RV companies felt that awful recession tug. Thankfully, these companies have turned the corner. In the article, “The comeback of the RV industry,” Charles Gazaway of writes, “Things didn’t just work out, they are working well [for Tom Stinnett RV]. Sales the past three years are up 20 percent or more. Those sales include the much more affordable RUVs, recreational utility vehicles.” Again, this boost in sales isn’t being felt by just Tom Stinnett RV, but by many RV companies. Why is this happening though?

Well, the economy is improving – plain and simple. Perhaps we should say that people’s attitudes regarding the economy are improving. The confidence is starting to bloom. The RV is so representative of America; they are really one and the same. When times are good, people are traveling, taking vacations, relaxing. When times are bad, RVs rarely leave a dealer’s lot. Chuck Lasley, vice president of Jayco, says it best, “What we found in the RV industry is that when you talk about the economy in and of itself, it’s the first one to start to take that dive down, but it’s the first one to take that rise up.”

At Panterra Coach, we couldn’t have said it better ourselves! This holiday season embrace this newfound RV confidence! We are, so come visit us in Florida at the RV SuperShow from January 14th-19th!