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When Was Your Last Roadtrip?

*Proudly, we present our first guest post

I had a friend in my youth who happened to be Irish. And in the Republic of Ireland, it’s still uncommon to take a trip out of town without seeing at least one guy or girl sticking out their thumb with the name of a town with too many consonants written on a piece of cardboard. So when she visited the States for a summer and suggested we hitchhike across Maryland back toward Washington D.C., I shouldn’t have laughed. But I did because that just wasn’t done on the East Coast. But she’s got that Irish temperament so, of course, I wound up standing next to her, thumb out, for two hours before we got picked up and dropped off about fifteen miles south of where we started. What a trip.

Apparently, this isn’t the case on the West Coast. Thom Nichols, a journalist from Philadelphia, recalls traveling in western Colorado recently and being surprised that hitchhikers still line the roads in the great wide west. The Great American Roadtrip isn’t extinct; it’s just evolved. Getting across the country, seeing the bones of our topography and the gloriously kitschy innards of each regions culture isn’t a lost pilgrimage. We just have more option to do it in comfort.

On another roadtrip, this one in my early twenties from Portland, ME down to New Orleans, LA, and back up to Troy, OH, I shared the trunk of my small Jeep with two friends in lieu of shelling out money we didn’t have for a hotel. It was muggy, smelly, cramped, and absolutely lovely in the way only a twenty year old hyped up on the adrenaline that comes with knowing that you’re doing what it takes to see it all can appreciate. But, honestly, we wouldn’t have said no to a tricked out RV if the thought had occurred to us.

Those weeks were some of the happiest of my life. Whether you’re planning to hitchhike east to west or cross the Mason-Dixon line in either direction, consider Panterra Coach & RV to class up your trip. Trust me, you won’t regret the foresight.