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Increased Profits For RV Dealers in 2014

The global economic recession has proven to be trying for many industries in our own country. After early losses in the real estate market, businesses involved with more luxury industries began to feel the pinch quickly. For a while, the outlook for the recreational vehicle industry was remarkably grim, as low sales and revenues led to plant closings across the country.

As we’ve covered before here on the Panterra Coach & RV blog, the 2013 year was a banner one for RV manufacturers and sales firms in America. All over the industry, it’s easy to find signs of better days ahead.

By the end of November, the RV industry had shipped a total of 299,451 units, the largest total at that point of a year for the past six years according to this article published by The Goshen News. This is in direct response to the higher levels of sales enjoyed by the industry in recent months.

Other economic indicators point to increased profits for RV dealers in 2014. Improved consumer confidence indicators include a rise in home re-sales to the best level in seven years, according to the National Association of Realtors. The national unemployment rate fell to a five-year low of 7 percent in November of 2013. The American automobile industry is also seeing good days develop, as sales are at their highest level since May 2007.

Many industry experts believe that RV sales should surpass 330,000 units during the 2014 year. In many areas of the country, this economic development is helping to save important manufacturing jobs. This is very important to some local Indiana businesses, including a group of manufacturers in nearby Elkhart County who are among the largest employers for that county. Thousands of employees in Indiana and across the country still have their jobs thanks to these stronger economic times.

Panterra Coach & RV is ready to welcome the bright days waiting for us in 2014. When you’re ready to take on your American road trip with your friends or family, give us a call to find out about our latest models.