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Exploring America with RVs

Exploration is in America’s lifeblood, hammered into it like a dozen screws. America was “founded” by explorers. Throughout the centuries, the country has thrived on the dependable backs of explorers and pioneers. Explorers were pack mules carrying American dreams from coast to coast, ocean to ocean. Over the centuries, there have been many kinds of explorers. RVs, in particular, were responsible for the re-exploration of the country in the 50s and 60s.

By exploring, we’re referring to physical exploration, the act of stepping into an unfamiliar land. Again, take the RV. Because of it, the average America was able to immerse him- or herself in new lands, such as National Parks. The RV gave birth to the cross-country trip on America’s scenic highways – an All-American tradition! Through cross-country trips, families bonded of course, but perhaps more important than that is these trips fostered an appreciation for the land – admiration for the landmarks, the greenery and the open spaces.

Well, fast forward forty years to today and we are faced with a land that most people think they’re familiar with. Due to the Internet, we are a technologically closer society. This can cause the average American to be overconfident when it comes to knowledge of this country. It seems that people don’t talk much about cruising America’s highways. Although we may be technologically closer, we are emotionally miles apart. We’re not connected with physical America. This must change, especially if we want to be a healthier, more ecofriendly nation. We must turn to our old friend, the RV, and explore exploration again.

Panterra Coach wants to help YOU explore exploration again and if you’re ready to move onto a new RV, we will buy your RV, paying top dollar for all Prevost Conversions. We will happily pick up and deliver, no matter the location. If interested, contact us today! Let’s explore this beautiful country together!