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Are You Looking to Hit the Road This Season?

When you cut loose and feel free to explore the American countryside on a road trip, you can enjoy some incredibly stirring sights to be seen all over our country. It’s February, and Valentine’s Day might be behind us, but we still have plenty of love to share here at the Panterra Coach & RV blog. When you’re planning your next road trip with you and a loved one, maybe you might want to check out some of these romantic getaway locations. These locations are renowned not only for their breathtakingly beautiful views, but also their amenities for couples who are looking to share quality time with a significant other. Tops on this list, available through this article published by, is St. Simons, a small town that can be found on Georgia’s Golden Isles. White sand beaches, live oak forests and a local lighthouse serve to make this locale picturesque. Couples can enjoy bike rentals to see the 19th Century aspects of this historical town or visit one...

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Cruising America’s Scenic Highways In An RV Coach

Hopefully, by now, you’ve already landed a new RV or Coach from Panterra.  Or maybe your really close to pulling the trigger.  You should do it.  Why?  Because then you get to see the country in a way most others can’t. There’s a mystique that comes along with traveling the country, on the open road, in an RV.  It’s become an American tradition for many.  Road trips, whether they’re with family, friends, or both provide you the chance to see parts of this great land first hand, creating wonderful memories and lifelong visions you’ll never be able to shake.  The highway was a great invention, connecting not only the country from coast to coast geographically, but culturally. It’s easier to meet people, taste new foods, see new landscapes and experience things you might otherwise never get to experience. America is full of different highways stretching to every corner in the land. But not all highways are the same. Some offer something different. The only way to truly see how,...

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Top 5 RV Destinations In America

Traveling by RV is a fun way to see the country and visit places you’ve never been before.  It’s a different type of experience, but most travelers would agree, it’s a great way to see the United States and create unique memories while visiting unique places. What are the best places to head to with an RV? Who accommodates well and provides something different?  We break down five destinations in America to travel to with an RV.   Boyd’s Key West Campground, Florida – When most people think of Florida, they probably think of beach side hotel or big resort. Truth be told, you can visit Florida in an RV and have an amazing time. Key West is a beautiful place and Boyd’s is an accommodating park. They even have saltwater fishing, a boat dock and are very close to Duval Street for a chance to visit the surrounding area.   Rivers Edge RV Park, Fairbanks, Alaska – Although it’s a heck of a journey to get there, it’s worth...

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