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2014 Poised to be the Year of the RV

22800641_S2014 is right around the corner. Can you feel that New Year’s Eve excitement building up in the atmosphere? It’s infectious. 2014 is poised to be the year of the RV. Thank goodness!

Since 2008, the economy has been up and down, and that’s being kind! For many businesses and average American, the economy has been downright brutal. It is a topic we’ve covered in previous blog posts. 2013 has been no different, experiencing its fair share of difficulties. This may seem a bit negative and with good reason, so let’s change gears for a bit.

A more upbeat topic that we’ve covered, however, is the resurgence of the economy and, in particular, the RV industry, especially over the last few months. This spike in sales and popularity is expected to carry over into 2014. In the article, “RV sales roll back up toward levels before the Great Recession,” Anna-Louise Jackson and Anthony Feld of reports,

More Americans are taking to the road in recreational vehicles as sales of towable campers approach prerecession levels and shipments of motorized models gain speed. The total for all new units sold this year is projected to rise about 11% from last year to 316,300, Walworth [President of Statistical Surveys] said. Meanwhile, 2014 looks like another good year, as sales could top 335,000, the most in six years.

A slow, but steady increase. It is encouraging to see those kinds of numbers.  Analysts believe this RV surge is due to a number of factors, including an improving housing market, low interest rates and greater access to financing. A surging RV industry is a great indicator of an economy that has received a new lease on life. If this is indeed true, and it certainly seems to be the case, 2014’s slogan may just be, RVs for all!

It seems that families and retirees are ready to grab onto the good life and hit the open road. This positivity will carry over into the New Year and will be on full display at the RV SuperShow in Florida, January 14th-19th. Panterra Coach will be there, along with other Prevost enthusiasts!