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Welcome to Panterra Luxury Coaches!

At Panterra Luxury Coach we specialize in the buying and selling of luxury motor homes. We deal mainly in Prevost and Newell coaches. We buy and refurbish these beautiful coaches before putting them back on the market for sale. This includes engine and gen service, air-conditioning, aqua hot as well as carpeting, hard surface flooring, window treatments, upholstery and much more. We make all necessary repairs to the coach so when it goes back on the market all systems are in working order.

Panterra Luxury Coach uses the finest materials to convert their coaches into deluxe RVs. We are also a major source of affordable Prevost and Newell coaches in the U.S. and Canada.


Are You Looking to Hit the Road This Season?

When you cut loose and feel free to explore the American countryside on a road trip, you can enjoy some incredibly stirring sights to be seen all over our country. It’s February, and Valentine’s Day might be behind us, but we still have plenty of love to share here at the Panterra Coach & RV blog. When you’re planning your next road trip with you and a loved one, maybe you might want to check out some of these romantic getaway locations. These locations are renowned not only for their breathtakingly beautiful views, but also their amenities for couples who are looking to share quality time with a significant...

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Regional Sales of Recreational Vehicles

When you’re looking for an idea of what futuristic living looks like in our society, most people need look no further than the latest models of recreational vehicle to hit the market. These floating homes showcase the perfect balance between a small residential space and all of the home amenities one could ask for, and then some. It’s interesting to consider, when talking a walk through one of these modernistic marvels, that the history of the recreational vehicle and mobile home began a long time ago, during some of the earliest days of the American automobile industry. Evidence of RVs on American roads extends as far back as 1923,...

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